Securely access remote devices and servers

Deviceplane is the simplest way to access and manage remote fleets .

IoT GatewaysIoT Gateways
Edge ServersEdge Servers
Single-board ComputersSingle-board Computers
Medical DevicesMedical Devices

How it works


Registering a device is as simple as running an installation script that sets up a single static binary. You're first device will be connected within minutes.


Immediately after registration you'll have secure connection to your device. SSH is available via both the UI and CLI and authenticated with your identity provider rather than through static keys.

Infrastructure that includes everything you need

SSO Authorization

Access to devices is authorized via your identity provider and short-lived tokens rather than through static SSH keys.

Access Control

Fine-grained roles and policies allow you to control exactly how your devices should be accessed.

Powerful CLI

A powerful CLI lets you make use all features of Deviceplane directly from your terminal.

Developer API

Programatically query devices by labels, run commands, and more with our easy to use API.

Open Source

Developer infrastructure is best when open source. Everything we build can be found on our GitHub and is distributed under a permissive open source license.

Security Focused

We follow the best security practices across our systems. You will gain access to a variety of security features and controls that you didn't have before.

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